Commercial Aerospace


Benchmark is uniquely positioned to provide our customers complete design, build and test capabilities. With manufacturing and complete supply chain management services, we’re the provider of choice for commercial aerospace customers looking to get to market faster.

High Reliability

Customers depend on Benchmark to provide the highest quality control, no matter how complex the end product. We leverage the most current technology innovations and automated tests to develop industry-leading building blocks that mitigate and manage risks and help our customers strategically plan for the future.


Benchmark’s experience in the commercial aerospace market ensures a depth of expertise and capabilities that support our customers’ most critical program needs. To accommodate the sensitive nature of aerospace products, Benchmark has made a substantial investment in systems and facilities that meet the toughest industry standards and regulations to systematically verify that all subcontractors and employees adhere to strict industry compliance standards.

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Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

Years of experience in the commercial aerospace market ensure a depth of engineering capabilities and expertise that supports our customers' most critical program needs. Our customer-centric focus includes active listening so we can continuously improve processes and outcomes.

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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

Benchmark’s global network of manufacturing facilities deliver precision-driven, cost-competitive commercial aerospace solutions that perform consistently and reliably. Our leading manufacturing and Precision Technologies teams provide customers with the complete confidence they need when choosing a strategic partner, from components, to boards, to assemblies and complete system builds and tests.

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Technology Solutions

Benchmark's specialized technology solutions provide the commercial aerospace market with additional capabilities within the same company.

RF & High Speed Design

The RF High Speed Design Center is ready to meet the upcoming challenges in the electronics market, from increases in hardware outsourcing to size, weight and power (SWaP) restrictions on future commercial and military designs. 

Secure Technology

The Secure Technology division of Benchmark offers a broad range of capabilities that help solve complex design and production challenges. From custom rugged computer solutions to RF components and contract manufacturing services for military, aviation and industrial applications used in the harshest environments.

Precision Machining

Precision Technologies is well-equipped to handle the most complex, heavy metal projects including ones that address flatness requirements, parallelism or parts that must hold a vacuum.

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