Defense Avionics

MORE THAN 30 years of experience

Avionics is one of Benchmark’s tenured areas of expertise and our work in the defense industry is built on 30-plus years of knowledge. Benchmark has earned the trust of our defense customers with our high standard of excellence and reliability in designing and manufacturing digital displays for the most advanced aircraft in the world.

Our extensive background in RF technology allows us to specialize in the development and integration of NAV/COMM radios, navigation components (inertial and GPS) and radars, including electromechanical flight controls for all aircraft surfaces.

The combination of our RF expertise with our precision manufacturing capabilities, allows us to design and manufacture components for a wide range of systems including cockpit displays, collision avoidance systems, aircraft sensors and products for the airframe and power plants of the modern aircraft.

Choose 30-plus years of industry knowledge.
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