Committed to Superior Reliability

With more than 30 years of experience building and designing systems for the U.S. military, Benchmark’s technology and build capabilities are designed to excel in ever-changing battlefield environments. When reliability and time to warfighters are essential, our customers have long relied on our expertise, especially when it comes to developing and building technology with the warfighter in mind. Benchmark technology, design assistance, rapid prototyping, and automated test and build capabilities, enable our customers to enter the market ahead of the competition. We help customers with solutions that are focused on market requirements such as being smaller, lighter, using less power and the least cost.

Enabling tomorrow’s technology today

We excel at overcoming the most complex challenges. With our continued investment in a portfolio of advanced technologies and build capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to support the defense market. Our strategically located network of U.S. facilities provide full control over lifecycle management with in-house design, engineering, test and manufacturing capabilities, enabling a quicker time to market at lower costs. 

Benchmark holds and maintains key security and regulatory compliance certifications to ensure we meet every requirement of our defense customers down to the most precise details.

Certifications include:

  • AS9100
  • FAA-approved Parts Manufacture
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ITAR-registered
  • Nadcap-accredited
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Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

With 30 years of engineering experience in the defense market combined with our key ITAR and DoD-compliant facilities, Benchmark provides high-quality, reliable solutions that meet our customers' mission-critical needs.

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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

With security clearance, quality systems accreditation, and key ITAR and DoD-compliant facilities nationwide, Benchmark is a trusted partner to the highly regulated defense market.

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Technology Solutions

Benchmark's specialized technology solutions provide the commercial aerospace market with additional capabilities within the same company.

Secure Technology

The Secure Technology division of Benchmark offers a broad range of capabilities that help solve complex design and production challenges. We solve issues from custom rugged computer solutions to RF components and contract manufacturing services for military, aviation and industrial applications used in the harshest environments.

Surveillance & Threat Detection

Benchmark has been a partner to military, industrial and security organizations for more than 20 years, providing highly reliable custom solutions and platforms for unique surveillance and threat detection applications.

RF Miniaturization

Benchmark's RF/Wireless product experience spans our global footprint, creating options for a flexible supply chain tailored to customer needs. Lark RF Technology, a division of Benchmark, provides wireless design and test system development groups co-located with manufacturing in major geographical regions.

Technology of the future at your command today.
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