Surveillance & Threat Detection


Benchmark has been a partner to military, industrial and security organizations for more than 20 years, providing highly reliable custom solutions and platforms for unique surveillance and threat detection applications. Our rapid sensor integration capabilities, MIL STD 810 testing and ISO 9001-2008 certifications allow us to excel in mobile and rough terrain environments, while our miniaturization capabilities give us an edge in urban smart city applications.

Surveillance Engineering Capabilities:

  • RF Design, Including 5G
  • Integrated Sensor Systems
  • Data Over Power
  • Embedded Software and Middleware
  • Electro-optical Design
  • Precision Location Tracking for Personnel and Assets
  • Data Storage
  • Ruggedization and Miniaturization of All Systems



Benchmark designs and builds technology that fills gaps in surveillance systems and ensures compatibility and communication across components


The pinnacle of our surveillance and threat detection expertise can be seen in our Integrated Surveillance System (ISS) used by U.S. Border Patrol to keep America's borders safe and secure. The expandable technology combines powerful fixed and mobile surveillance, tracking and acquisition capabilities to simplify complex situational awareness challenges. It creates a virtual wall that can spot and track unauthorized persons and vehicles from up to six miles away using advanced video and thermal imaging technologies. ISS unites imaging, unattended ground sensors, drone, radar, laser ranging, remote video, GPS and MIMO radio technologies for the most comprehensive, customizable system available.




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